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Many people will tell you how to get saved and what you need to do to ensure your salvation in Christ Jesus. Unfortunately most of what people hear today is at best wrong and at worst contradictory. So what does the Bible say about salvation? What is it exactly? What are we being saved from? The Bible is very specific about salvation. Please read the articles below to learn about God's true plan for salvation, and how you fit into it.

A Price So High
The reality of the suffering of Christ and the power of the salvation He purchased for us during His trial and crucifixion.
Bible study on Salvation: the free gift of God by grace through faith. What it is and how to obtain it.
I Will Never Be The Same Again!
God's salvation is abundant and free for all regardless of what you have done, who you are or where you come from.
The Covenant of Salvation
Bible study: To be assured of our salvation we must uphold our side of the salvation contract between ourselves and God.
The Sinner's Prayer and Bible Study
The Sinner's Prayer is here to help those who want to receive salvation and give their lives to Christ and a topical Bible study index with answers straight from the Word of God to help you get started on your walk with Him.
The Hitchhiker
This message will point out the path to genuine love, peace, joy and most importantly, the way to salvation, through which all these things may be found.
How Do I Know Jesus Is Really the Messiah?
Biblical teachings concerning the debate over the truth of Christ's claims. What about those who doubt the validity of the Bible, the hard core skeptics? Where is the proof for them?
He Makes All Things New - Part 1 of a Bible study on regeneration and sanctification.
The old is gone, the new has come. What are regeneration and sanctification, how do they work and how do they apply to me?
He Makes All Things New -  Part 2: Divine Service - Sanctification
A Bible study on the effect that sanctification has upon our lives that takes us from ordinary and shoots us into the uncharted land where the work of God in it's limitless possibilities is really done?
Blessings or Curses? It's Up To You…
Are you unhappy, too? The answer is simpler than you can imagine, and yours for free.
Me and the Demons Know Jesus Is Lord!
Bible Study: The fact is that conversion is not regeneration. Conversion is not salvation. Conversion is an opening of the eyes from darkness to light in order that one can be saved and sanctified. By itself, it is but a turning, not a change of position.
Just Another Day
You don't wake up knowing that today would be the day you die but with each of us that day of death must come. Today might not be just another day. It could be your day to enter Heaven or Hell for all eternity.
The Truth About Unconditional Eternal Security
Bible Study: A scriptural look at salvation and the believer's security from God's perspective.
Unconditional Eternal Security and Salvation
Bible Study: The error of the unconditional eternal security doctrine and what true salvation really is.
Your Last Fifteen Minutes
Heaven or Hell? We all think we have tomorrow but what might await you in the next fifteen minutes?
Where Are You?
True Christianity is not even a religion; it is a personal relationship between a person and God. If God is your loving Father why are you not listening to His voice? Could it be that you are content just to hear someone talk about Jesus a few times a week or do you have the guts to be a real Christian?

Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

What will happen to you?
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