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We are also sick and heavily burdened by what we see in the so-called church of today. BUT - there is an answer! A glorious heaven sent, Holy Ghost answer!


  • For TV evangelists who 'sell' Jesus...begging for money and 'devouring widows houses' (i.e. one ministry has people who are retained by them for the purpose of helping you sign your property and finances over to them upon your death, thereby 'investing in the Kingdom'.)
  • For misguided Christians who channel all their time and energies into political activities and social causes - demonstrating against sin rather than preaching Christ and Him crucified (changing the man from within, thereby eliminating the sin they are picketing against.)
  • For misguided pastors who think they can bring on revival by putting a sign out in front and inviting all the area people to attend. (Sheep stealing.) They don't know that true revival is the salvation of lost souls, done by the work of the Holy Spirit brought on by the effectual, fervent prayers of God's people.
  • For lukewarm denominational churches who have more programs than the local computer store.
  • For pastors with more zeal for their denomination than for Jesus Christ.
  • For professing Christians who leave their faith at the door of the church after Sunday service.
  • For Christians who don't have the time to do the things Jesus commanded ...feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those sick and in prison...because they are too busy doing their own thing and going from meeting to meeting getting saved and resaved, over and over again.
  • For ministers who get divorced and remarried while in the service of Jesus Christ...and remain in the ministry.
  • For pastors and evangelist who go on the airwaves preaching salvation to the saved and redemption to the redeemed...forgetting their commission to go and preach to the lost. (Generally speaking, the unsaved do not listen to Christian radio stations.)
  • For churches and Christians whose requirements for salvation go beyond the acceptance of the atonement of the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.
  • For preachers who are afraid to preach righteousness and judgment but rather preach a mush god; a plastic, polyurethane, white, middle class American facade that they call God.
  • For preachers and pastors who go on TV or to their huge churches, publicly stating that no one needs God, all they really need is positive thinking, good vibes and to love their church and pay their tithes.

For these things and more...please DON'T BLAME JESUS! The religious system of today is described in Isaiah 29:13. It is this that is responsible for your discouragement. Join with us in prayer that the Lord would bring true revival to His church, that the lost might come to know Jesus, and the lukewarm saints might regain a burning zeal for the things of God so that together we may pray for the anointed release of the Elijah's of God.

We invite you to call or write to schedule meetings in your area, or if you need prayer for those who are sick, (yourself or others), deliverance for the captives, and for the light of the Kingdom of God to shine on those who are chained in the darkness of Satan's kingdom on earth. We are here to serve God, to bring the good news of Jesus Christ and to help you in any way we can, and God, ever true to His Word, always meets us in signs, wonders, and miracles.

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" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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