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Who Would Jesus Vote For?

This time next year we will once again be deciding who will lead this nation. Already, Democrats and Republicans are jockeying for party nominations. For the first time the GOP seems poised to elect a candidate that promotes the slaughter of the unborn and the special treatment of homosexuals. Last month, James Dobson sent shockwaves throughout the faith-based community and the political spectrum when he said he would not vote for a candidate that did not hold to his moral standards. He, in essence, said he would not vote for the lesser of two evils. He even went as far to say they should look into third-parties. No political party has the moral fortitude to lead this nation, according to God's principles. So what should the Christian do?

First of all, no party can save us. The Jews sought a political savior and they got Jesus. If you are seeking a political savior, you are searching in the wrong place. Romans 13 clearly says no one leads without the Lord knowing about it. Sometimes He allows evil rulers to motivate His people. We as Christians should do a better job evangelizing our community. Instead, we sit back and allow culture to influence the church instead of the church influencing the culture. Laws are being passed all the time that do not glorify God. America allows for the murder of thousands of unborn babies every month, all in the name of convenience. A law that would forbid a preacher from speaking out against homosexuality was just last month attached to a defense spending bill so it had a better chance to pass. Also last month, bills were passed in California essentially forcing schools to stop using the terms "mom" and "dad" and gender specific restrooms as not to offend gays or the trans-gender. Society has lost its moral compass and now sadly so has the church. We no longer call sin what it is. We instead water down the message to fill pews and pocket books. What should we Christians do about our nation? We should live like Jesus is the Lord of our lives. Today it is all about "me." I want a short service not longer than an hour where the preacher never preaches sin or hell. Instead, I want one that talks a lot about how I can make myself better. One just has to look five seconds on a Christian bookstore shelf to see my point. Your Best Life Now, Become A Better you, Eat and Be Thin, etc, etc, all clog the best-sellers list in every store. When we have lost sight of Christ, it is no wonder we have allowed Satan to slip in and destroy our community. No politician can save you. So when you vote, vote for Jesus. No not literally, but by living everyday life like He is the Lord of your life.

This has been One Man's Opinion, I hope you share it.

Chris Fluharty

Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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