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The Great Falling Away

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first..." 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (KJV).

The term 'falling away', or as it is called in some texts, 'apostasy' means; to depart from revealed truth, to lead away, seduce, mislead; to defect, to blind the eyes of the people by manipulating the truth; to turn one from the truth by lying signs and wonders. With this definition in mind, let us go on.

In Matthew, chapter 24 and verses 4-12, the Lord Jesus Christ specifically warns all about this time which is coming and there are many people still waiting for it to happen. Their eyes have been blinded to all that has happened over the past 20 years, and in fact, is still happening. They have been desensitized to what they can see right in front of their faces; so much so that they can no longer discern right from wrong, the holy from the unholy, the pure from the profane. Television assails us with violence, all manner of adultery and sexual immorality, foul language and the so-called 'alternative' lifestyles. The music of today spews out a message of hatred of all that is clean, pure and orderly. Gang violence is glorified. Rebellion is the norm and with the exception of a few courageous souls, people seem to be willing to turn their heads and look the other way. The sixties was a time of extremes, many of which were also evil and corruptive, but at least the people of that era had the guts to speak out and even demonstrate against those things that they felt were wrong.

Many men and women of God have indeed spoken out against the movement from the pits of Hell which has invaded the Body of Christ like a cancer, yet the majority of people keep right on following their 'blind guides'; those who call themselves pastors, leaders of the church, or even, shepherds of the flock. The thing that disturbs me the most is, no one appears to have any fear of either the Lord, or of Hell any longer. The Word of God clearly tells us that millions of those who claim to be Christian will stand before God and be truly surprised when Jesus says to them, "Away from Me, I never knew you." These people will plead their cases to Him and tell Him of all of the great and wonderful things they did in His Name, but though they may have fooled the masses while they were on earth, they cannot and will not be able to fool the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The place to be is not always where the crowds are gathering. We must remember it is the wide road that leads to destruction and Hell and there will be many who follow it.

It is the narrow path that leads to everlasting life, and there will be few that find it. (See Matthew 7:13-14.) The largest church in the world in terms of populous, is overseas. It is pastored by Dr. Cho and is an Assemblies of God church. He certainly has the numbers, but it seems that anyone can go to the alter and worship any god they choose, or anything they choose to make a god out of. Many go there to worship their dead relatives, Buddha, Krishna, the sun, or whatever they deem as a deity. There are those who do worship Jesus, however they put Him in the company of every false god there is. No matter that this is expressly forbidden in the Word of God, the Assemblies of God church has nevertheless ordained this man, and, no matter what he seems to do or preach, they allow him to retain his credentials. (In good standing I might add.) Now, I have to wonder how much of that has to do with such large membership numbers on the books, and, consequently, such a substantial amount of tithes-a percentage of which goes, of course, to the Assemblies of God organization.

It is horrifying to look at the number of men and women being ordained and sent forth from the different denominational churches (with their blessings), that are preaching and teaching erroneous, even demonic doctrines, prophesying falsely and overtly misleading multitudes of people, mostly for the sake of financial gain or media coverage. I have first hand knowledge of a man who is also ordained by the Assemblies of God church, who touts himself as an evangelist with a prophetic calling, and who travels from A.G. church to A.G. holding 'revival' services. He travels with a woman he professes to be married to, yet I happen to know he met this woman in one of his meetings, and shortly thereafter, left his saved, Spirit-filled wife and their children, and ran off with her. In addition, he has warrants out for his arrest, for nonsupport of his children, and the prophecies he has been so free in giving out have been proven, for the most part, to be false. We have had the opportunity to speak with many of the people he has prophesied to, and, in fact, he prophesied several times to my wife and I, and in all cases, none of these so called 'words from the Lord' ever came to pass in any way, shape or form. I informed the pastor and elders of the church we were in at the time, of both the character of this man, and his false prophecies, yet although they discovered for themselves the information I gave them was true, they not only allowed this man to continue the crusade he was having in their church, they wholeheartedly endorsed him, and the whore he was with. They even went so far as to recommend him to another Assemblies of God church in a different town, for another crusade. It is my contention that because they were able to show such a large number of people on their membership roles for this crusade, and because the offerings were so substantial, they purposely closed their eyes to the blatant ungodliness of this man. When I informed the people of the congregation of the truth about this man, the pastor became very angry with me, and my wife and I were blackballed from the church (thank God!). Not only that, the pastor saw to it I was not welcome to speak at any other Assemblies of God church, which actually turned out to be a good thing for me.

My question is this: Can any man or woman, knowing the vast number of false preachers being ordained, endorsed and sent forth by the Assemblies of God church, and having knowledge of the false and demonic doctrines the church upholds, continue to retain their own A.G. credentials, and claim to really serve the Living and Almighty God, the God of Truth? I think not. Can those same pastors and leaders allow people to approach the Holy altar of our Lord Jesus Christ, and there worship anything from dead relatives to trees, cattle and pigs? Is this behavior really led of the Holy Spirit? I think not. Can any denomination who ordains homosexuals and lesbians to the office of pastor or any other leadership position; who endorses abortion and same sex marriages; who supports child pornography as a viable means of financing the church; and who invites con artists and flim- flammers to use their pulpits as a place from which to hawk their wares; can any of these denominations really claim to be 'of Christ'? I think not.

Jesus Christ - the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life - clearly says in His Word "If you love Me, you will obey My commandments...". These people love to be called 'Pastor,' and stand up to preach before large crowds in air-conditioned, carpeted cathedrals - monuments to their own glory; they love to see their name in print on book covers and in the papers, and to be recognized on the street, but their hearts are filled with pride and all manner of evil. Shall not God deal with these abominations? I think so, for He promised it in His Word. (Read Ezekiel 34.) And the list goes on and on and on...yet very few ever have the courage and intestinal fortitude to speak out publicly against these doers of iniquity. Did not God say we were to judge those inside the church, those who claim to be of the fellowship of believers?

Brothers and sisters, I am very much afraid that far too many people have been desensitized by the constant barrage of trash that pervades our lives in the form of television programs, movies, magazines, music, video games and even the toys we allow our children to play with. We can no longer see the truth, much less deal with it effectively. But Jesus tells us to do something 'while it is yet light, for night is coming' when no one will be able to do anything. And, my friends, it is coming sooner than anyone seems to realize. It is time to stand up and be counted on the side of Christ. Or you can just sit there and continue to say and do nothing, and when that great day arrives, and we stand before Jesus, and look into those eyes of fire - you will hear the words that will bring dread to your heart - "away from Me, I never knew you," after which you will be cast into the lake of fire where you will spend an eternity of torment in that terrifying place where hope no longer exists, and reprieve is unheard of - HELL. Think about it. Forever; time without end, on and on and on and on..... It's all there; described in graphic detail in the Bible, the written and infallible Word of God.

Come on people - open your eyes; look around you. Hear what the Spirit is saying unto the church. How much more could the so-called 'church' of today do to offend the Lord? How much further away from God will they get? (Actually, there really isn't much further they could get). There is no damnable heresy left to preach that they are not already preaching. Yes, the churches of today are filled with false teachers and false prophets, preaching and teaching a doctrine of demons; seducing the weak minded, the fat, lazy and unconcerned multitudes who warm the pews every Sunday and Wednesday night, denying the power of God and using godliness as a means to financial gain. Homosexuals and lesbians stand in the pulpits as ordained ministers while carefully choreographed dancers and singers entertain the sleeping masses. They have 'keggers for Christ' and 'strippers for Christ' and fat little piglets who preach against the present day move of the Holy Spirit. They tell you it is a sin to smoke and drink coffee, but it's OK for them to be 150 pounds overweight with the heart of a glutton.

They build glass monuments unto themselves by allowing their faithful parishioners to buy panes of glass at $1000.00 per, for which they receive a brass plaque with their name on it stuck on the end of a pew, then have the audacity to call it a 'house of worship unto the Lord.' They preach mind over matter, positive thinking, speak it into existence, and divine health (not divine healing) and prosperity, while making regular visits to their doctor so they can get the medication they need to cure the illnesses they have, and regular visits to their banker to take out loans to finance the lavish lifestyle they want you to believe God wants them to lead. They encourage the worship of dead relatives, the worship of the saints and apostles, the worship of Mary, in fact, the worship of almost anyone or anything.

A while ago I heard one of the main 'religious leaders' of today make a statement which typifies his entire denominational belief structure. He stated, and I quote - "if a married man died while having intercourse with a whore and had once been 'saved' in the Baptist church, he would go straight to heaven," yet the One who created the heavens and the earth, the Living and Almighty, one true God (who set forth the rules and regulations for entering into that blessed everlasting and glorious place), tells us that 'outside are the...adulterers and the sexually immoral.' This same man blatantly and consistently denies the power and move of the Holy Spirit, and attributes the move of God to the Devil (which, to my understanding is blasphemy of the Spirit.) The largest cult in the world worships Mary, the mother of Jesus, granting her equal status with God and encouraging others to do the same. Have they never read Jeremiah, chapters 7 and 44?

Will God not put a stop to these money-grubbing promoters of this demonic 'gospel' of self-indulgence and complacency? Will He not lift His mighty hand to smite these workers of iniquity? Scripture tells us YES He will, and soon!

Only one thing remains: REPENT OF YOUR SINS! Acknowledge the truth and draw nigh unto God, for the Day of the Lord is at hand, and the door will be closed sooner than you think.

May the burden of the Lord and the fire of the Holy Spirit grow and burn brightly within each one that would seek a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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