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Are You Serving God Or Man?

Matthew 16:27 – For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

Do you know if you are walking and doing, the fathers will. Can you say, " Yes Lord I did all I possibly could to serve you and bring people into the fullness of your glory? In your name I feed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave to the poor, visited the elderly. In your name I ministered to the unsaved, encouraged and corrected your children. I did prophecies and healed in your name. I gave all I could without complaint and without expecting anything in return. I did all I could with joy in my heart to please you so that your name will be glorified.

What would be our reward for the works that we have done in the name of Jesus? What have we done to add to the kingdom of God? No matter what we do on this earth, we will be judged accordingly. All too often we forget that the unsaved have a lot of discernment too. People that do not know Christ know the difference between a true man of God and a false witness.

If we spent all our Sundays getting our fill of the word, attended every church meeting and occasionally made a roadside appearance, what reward would we have. We would have already received it. We would have taken all that the Lord had to give and filled our storehouses. How many times have we taken God out of the picture and put ourselves in it.

Many times, we go to church out of habit. It is okay to spend your Sundays sharing the gospel with those who do not go to church. It may be the gateway for them to see God's love for them. Many a time we say the right words to encourage someone else, but our hearts are far from our words. Many times, we help others in order to be seen, but our hearts and minds are saying the total opposite to our actions.

With our hands we build and tear down,
With our mouths we bless and curse,
With our eyes we convict and condemn,
With our minds we encourage and destroy,
With our ears we obey and judge,
We are human, we are sinners, we are saints.

All too often, I have found myself in a place of pleasing man and not Christ. Many times, I have been before my Lord and Savior with garbage of how great I was because I cleaned His entire house. However, because He knows my heart and the intentions of it, he cannot and will not bless the work of my hands because of pride and judgment against those in the body.

Because of our own sinful nature, repentance is one of the many keys to freedom on this earth. It is a miracle in itself and will bring total humbleness. It is admitting that we are wrong and is an act of change. This change will happen instantly if the repentance is real. The fruit of repentance leads to discernment, wisdom and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which leads to the mind of Christ. Please dear friends search your heart in the Lord before you speak or do anything in the name of the Lord. Do not be afraid to give of yourself, your time, your belongings, money, your faith and God's love. If you can give more with a humble heart, the greater your reward will be in heaven. The Lord will bless you and give you your reward in full. Remember, it is not just the outside appearance that the Lord sees, but also most importantly your heart attitude.

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Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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