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Many people have been affected very badly by a root of rejection. Some people have never known love because they were never wanted nor loved by anyone. Many children are seen as an interference in life. It leaves one feeling insecure and worthless. It leaves a scar so deep that no woman, man or child could mend.

Rejection will automatically draw your consciousness to pleasing man all the time. Many will keep themselves busy because they just want to be accepted. If rejection is not seen and dealt with, it will produce resentment, hatred, fear, denial, bitterness and in many cases, a desire for attention. Rejection will not stop until it has finished the task it was appointed to do. You will never feel satisfied no matter what you do. It will do everything it can to feel fulfilled and content.

The only way to be free of rejection is through Jesus Christ. I praise God that He set me free from a life of rejection and brought me to Him where I know that I am accepted and have the assurance that I am loved. Daily he pours out His love for me through my husband, our children and the family of believers He has placed me with.

As one who was bound by rejection, I can truthfully testify that drugs will not fill the void. It will only let you escape for a while until the buzz wears off. Drinking cannot drive your sorrows away. You'll only find that the more you drink, the more you seem to remember and then you'll want to drink some more. Lying about everything to get people to feel sorry for you will only work for so long. Eventually the truth will come out, whether it is today or ten years from now. Sleeping around to feel wanted or loved will only show people that you are a 4-letter word and cannot be trusted. Separating yourself from everyone hoping that someone will notice that you're missing won't help either. It will only bring you more loneliness.

We bring so much heartache on ourselves. There are so many people in the body of Christ today in bondage of rejection and don't even know it. All too often we go looking for love in all the wrong places and find ourselves forever wandering around needing to be needed. I want to encourage you dear brothers and sisters to take a look in your life today and see if rejection has had its way in your life. Know this, that God has not called any one of us to a life of bondage, but to a life of freedom in Him. If you are struggling with rejection, I encourage you to take a step forward towards Jesus and repent of it and allow the Lord to change you. If you are still struggling, go to your headship for counsel and wisdom or please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to pray and encourage you.

Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

What will happen to you?
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