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Dear Brothers and Sisters;

In past months we have received letters from pastors and brethren in Nepal, the Philippines, throughout Africa and, most recently, New Zealand, all relating to the problems they have encountered with 'tribalism'. Although relatively unheard of in the United States, this problem is affecting the church in other countries to the point of causing division, to say the least.

Satan is using tribalism to try and destroy the church. These tribal teachings are in direct contradiction to the Word of God and those who actively oppose them are persecuted, sometimes to the point of death. It is something that Christians everywhere need to be in fervent prayer against, as it is literally tearing the church apart.

The following article on 'tribalism' was written by a member of the staff of Into the Light Ministries who has first hand knowledge of this subject and has witnessed the damage it has done to the church.

Tribalism. The things you don't realize ARE happening to you.

The world has come to a point where it is more modern and civilized than it was only a few years ago. We don't hear people talk much about their ancestors, their great grandfathers and forefathers. People are more interested in other cultures than they are their own. However, things are not what they seem. More and more on the internet are the genealogy websites that people are going to, to find out where they came from, what their beliefs were, where they used to live. From this stems a whole new world to them, a world they never knew anything about. When they have found some background on the people their family stemmed from, they study their religions, the artifacts they used to use in a more primitive lifestyle, and the next thing you know, you have a small 'cultural' statue in your home. You know its entire story, what the people of its tribe believe about it and you are seen by your friends as a very 'intelligent' and interesting person. What's more, you have taken some of the religious beliefs to heart, where's the harm in that? It seems to make sense! You think it's interesting? Think again!

Though I am not saying it is wrong to find out who you are and where you come from, you are walking a dangerous road when you bring the cultural beliefs into your life. There is even more demonic influence in culture than there is in a strip club. No, I'm not kidding, I said demonic, I meant it. My biological family is a HUGE example of this.

In the 80's I was a little girl going to our family meeting place for my grandfather's funeral. Our family owned a huge piece of land, which had a one room meeting hall, an eating hall, and not far down the road, our own family cemetery. Now there's something you don't hear every day! Everyone from my family for the past 40 years was in this cemetery. Following my parents, we walked toward the gate to the meeting hall, where right in front of us stood four older women, my aunts. They chanted to us in a mournful cry. They held leaves in their right hands, waving them from hip to hip across their bodies. As they did so, we walked forward toward them slowly as they, walked backwards towards the door of the meeting hall. They were guiding us through a crowd of relatives who stood weeping and mourning. Loud sobs were heard somewhere from inside, it was another of my aunts crying. There were people following us up the steps to the doors, which were wide open. When we reached the doors, we stopped for a moment. As I looked from side to side of the hall, my relatives (I am talking about over a hundred people) stood on each side of what I will call the isle. Behind them were mattresses lining the walls. This is where they slept for THREE DAYS with the DEAD BODY. (It is their tradition to never leave the body alone in the meeting house for the endurance of the funeral. They say it is necessary for the deceased to know that they are still loved and will be remembered after they are buried. So for their last few days on earth the family goes through a progression of speeches, songs and farewells, telling the deceased how much they are loved.) There is a problem with this, the family believes that the deceased will hear them before they are buried. Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 says that they are already gone. They are no more, as soon as their breath is gone they are nothing but a corpse. So what is happening now is witchcraft, where the family is doing all of this FOR the deceased. As we walked ahead to the end of the hall we had to start from the right side and literally rub noses and hold hands with each person we passed (this is the cultural way of greeting family and friends.) When we had finally reached the end of the hall I stood and looked. My grandfather lay dead in an open coffin, there were pictures on the wall of people from our family who had died before him. My father was grimfaced, but he walked forward, knelt beside the coffin, looked at his father with a tear in his eye and bent over and kissed him. Then as he made his way down the left side of the hall to rub noses with the rest of the family, my mother went to the coffin and kissed him. What is so traumatic for a child is that there is no choice in going through this ritual. It is family tradition, considered very sacred. Are there nightmares? YES. Does it chill a child to the bone? YES. People, if you think this is just a scary story being told by a girl who just "has a lack of appreciation for her history," you are wrong. I thank God I know a lot about my culture and its history, the place I come from is very beautiful. The art is amazing, the language and dance is beautiful. But that is as far as it goes, I stay as clear from the cultural aspect of it as I can, THAT I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THE BELIEFS THAT COME WITH IT! To make matters worse, this is not even the worst I have seen of these cultural experiences. You see, this grandfather of mine was not of our native tribe, he came from Delhi and married into our culture. His funeral was a standard family funeral, and since he was not of our tribe, there was not much recognition of ancestors. My other grandfather, however was tribal chief. His funeral was much worse.

At my other grandfather's funeral, after we went through the motions of greeting everyone and kissing the body, we sat in the hall on the second night, all of our family around us, the coffin still open. People were giving speeches. At that time there were only two of my uncles there who were saved and my biological family also. I sat there watching and listening, the youngest of my sisters was sitting asleep in her car seat; my parents sitting a little way away from us. When all of a sudden, as my aunt stood there making her speech to the family of the deceased, her voice changed into a deep rumble as she spoke. Her eyes were wide open and the things that she spoke were hateful. She began to tell the family that she was his favorite, his queen. He loved her more than any of his other children. Some of her siblings yelled back at the crowd that she was lying, that they themselves were his favorite. Others in the hall started wailing, everyone around me was shaking, screaming, wailing at the top of their lungs. As she stood there firing off at people the place was in a fearful uproar. Babies screamed in fear, children huddled in corners. The doors were closed and people sat there in sudden surprise, staring wide eyed and not knowing what was happening. There were arguments coming at my aunt from her siblings. They were fighting over who is more worthy of having my grandfather's spirit passed on to them. My father flung himself up to his feet and yelled over top of the bickering, "Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!" with his arm stretched out, his finger pointing straight forward at my aunt, who looked at him in absolute rage and hatred. One of my uncles (saved) stood up in the middle of the crowd and started commanding demons to leave the woman. Another of my aunts, a twin, was all of a sudden flung up against the wall and pinned there, unable to release her back from the wall. She was screaming, her twin was screaming and trying desperately to pull her down. It was a leather choker that she wore, which was choking her indeed. Somewhere in the midst of the yelling it had started to choke her and just as suddenly as it had started, it was pulled back so that it tightened around her neck and flung her to the wall and stayed there. Realize right now, that there was no human behind her to pull on her choker. Somebody ran to get a knife to cut her choker, but it was taking so long, my aunt was afraid she was going to die. My parents stood up and started praying in tongues, my other uncle got up and started praying out loud. I turned around to find that there were no adults there to protect my sisters, so I put my foot in front of the youngest and kneeled in front of my other sisters and started praying too while I cried in the deepest fear I have ever known in my life. My aunt, still possessed by the demons, was yelling in rage, her siblings yelling back in reply to her hateful remarks, her face distorted so even though she still looked like herself, anyone and everyone could see that there was something else controlling her. Those who were saved and praying got louder and louder, you could not hear anyone talking anymore, the place was so full of fear, hatred and disgust, all that remained was a constant rage that filled your head to the core, your ears no longer hurt and there was only a deep pounding of the heart that overtook everything else. Others in the crowd began pulling out rosaries and rubbing the beads, murmuring their prayers to Mary, praying that she would save them from their despair. People were being tormented, their worst fears becoming reality. They are afraid of the spiritualism, but had never witnessed something this fearful before. They cried out in fear, some bent over on their knees and still their gods were not heard. But those who were saved kept on, the praying persisted and finally, when I thought there was no more hope for it to end, the doors flung open with a loud "BANG," a deep wind flowed through the hall and with a loud screech the wind left again. All was a deadly silence, my aunt stood there dumbfounded, my parents and uncles still stood there with their eyes closed and hands raised, and my twin aunts sat slumped on the floor huddled together and sobbing in relief. As I looked around the room there was only fear, absolute fear, and even at five years old, I knew that demons had been there and it was because of my dead grandfather, whose spirit had indeed been passed on to my aunt, only they manifested in such a way as no one would ever have expected. This, my friends, is the demonic influence that takes hold of ANYONE who will even put one finger in the water to see what it's all about. This is what happens to people who believe in their cultural religions and beliefs. Do you see now why this is so important? Proverbs 11:5. You see, for my aunt, who very deeply wanted to inherit my grandfather's spirit, she, in her own selfishness was so overtaken by her greed that she certainly did inherit what she deserved. My grandfather was not saved, he knew nothing of God, nor did he care to. He was harboring so many demons when he died that they were already looking for another place to go, my aunt just happened to invite them in!

Around mid-day, on the third day, the coffin is closed, the wife of the deceased is sobbing and reaching out to the body. Sometimes children of the deceased, fully grown adults will cry and scream like children, throwing themselves at the body, holding on to it. They have to be pried off the body in order for the coffin to be closed. Six bearers carry the closed coffin down the aisle toward the door as relatives weep and reach to touch the coffin one last time. Others stand there and shout out their love for the deceased. And it is transported down the road to the cemetery, where they wait for everyone else to get there. Just outside the gate are bottles of water, where people are to wash their hands and flick them over their shoulders, so as to purify themselves and ward off evil spirits. Enter the family and wait beside the hole where the coffin is to be buried. As they lower it in, women wail, slump to their knees, some holding fast to the arm of the person beside them, some whispering their goodbyes. One last chance to say goodbye with a flower or some dirt and the burying begins. Singing starts, as does the wailing, screaming. Some will be overcome by desperation that they will jump in the hole and lay on the coffin crying and sobbing. All of this is ritual, witchcraft, where the dead is considered to still hear those who speak to it. Where what really is left is the corpse of an unsaved person with demons who are looking for an open door to let them move on. Who will it be? Perhaps your child is next? Have you thought about that? Yes, if you believe in your culture and your tradition, you are allowing demons access to your children, who in turn will become demon possessed and more than likely wind up uncontrollable.

Later, after the body is buried and everyone has returned to the eating hall, is a huge meal and a celebration of the life of the deceased. Mostly (though nobody will ever admit it) it is a chance to wallow in alcohol and become drunk with your relatives. There is much laughter, extreme foul language and still much crying. This is where the people will eat and drink and be merry, though most of the time there are many arguments and fights between siblings and cousins. All the while, the teenagers sit and smoke and drink stolen alcohol together. And younger children even as young as five will sit outside in the dark and tell ghost stories and things they have heard parents talking about such as an old ancestral aunt, who, after she died, came back with her head on the body of an owl. It is said that if you saw her, you were going to die. And for those who truly believed they had seen her, they truly did die. So you see, even the children, though unknowing, have inherited the same spiritualism the parents hold on to. The ghost stories they tell are far from ordinary, they contain such demonic detail as you would never believe could come from a child so young. Stories of toy figurines such as 'smurfs' which hold curses, coming to life and leaving scratch marks on babies, so deep that the baby died. Looking in mirrors at midnight and seeing the faces of ancestors staring back at you. Some even now, cover their mirrors after dark so that they don't have to worry about seeing any 'ghosts'. And are these ghosts real? Yes they are, though their real name is 'demonic manifestation'. It is where fear has legal right to torment you if you accept it, and fear will bring along with it whatever other spirit might help to 'enhance' your torment. And if you have not quite got it yet, 'fear' is a powerful demonic spirit and it can influence you very easily, it is the first spirit to ever make itself known to a child at one of these cultural gatherings.

For the families of this culture who have the money, their meeting houses have the full native design. The interior decoration is exquisite, the walls lined with hand woven patterns of red, black and white. The structural beams run up the walls and across the ceiling meeting with the huge, main ceiling beam. Between these beams on the walls are the woven patterns. Meanwhile the beams themselves are ornately carved with detailed patterns and designs. Tall figures appear in the carvings of beings with big heads. Their eyes are decorated with the inside of shells, their hands are shaped like pitch-forks. Outside, the front of the building is decorated with two larger carvings of these beings. They stand looking at you, threatening the heart of any child who could bear to keep their eyes on them. Each of these meeting houses are decorated in this way, and if not, this is the goal people strive to meet for the decoration of their meeting house. The creatures I describe in these carvings are neither human, nor animal. They are disfigured and ugly, some with legs, some with tails as if they were Casper the ghost. If I were unsaved, I would call these carvings an interesting piece of culture, something the carver should be proud of considering the detailed and precise ornamentation that went into it. However, being saved, knowing the Spirit, these are demonic creatures which these people place outside of their meeting houses. Look at a child who has never seen it before, and watch how their face will struggle to hide the fear that grips them. Watch how they grab onto you every time you go into that place and won't let you go for hours. It's not that they're shy, it's that they're afraid. Watch how they argue with you and get upset every time they have to go to that place, it's because they hate it, and they have every right! Anything that would strike the heart of a small child in fear is not of God, and if it is not of God, IT IS DEMONIC!!! Think about that for a minute and you will see it for what it truly is. These people believe that ornamental artifacts which have these designs on them are not merely objects. But they hold their own spiritual genealogy. Each detail tells a story of the gods and their influence on the object. Most of these artifacts, especially those with the creatures on them, are created to be either respected or feared. To those who would hold these in their own homes, who acknowledge these beliefs, they are bound by that spirit. And when I say bound, I mean you are literally allowing demonic spirits to have their way in your own home. You have not only made your own heart a place for these demons to dwell, but you have made your home a haven for them, where they have free, LEGAL right to do as they please in your home, whether it be to torment you, or your children. Trust me, this is in all fact. It is REAL.

Deuteronomy 16:21-22, Psalm 16:4, Psalm 97:7, Is 42:17, Revelation 21:8

Jeremiah 10:11, Micah 5:13, Deuteronomy 4:28, Psalm 115:4, Isaiah 45:20

Though the carved creatures set up on the walls of their meeting houses are not considered actual gods, they are not prayed to, they are still idols. They are considered sacred to the culture. They do hold spirits at the will of the carver and also the people who own the carvings themselves. The carver will shape and form every detail with a meaning to it. One particular pattern will mean the bloodline of the family it is going to. Another will tell the story of an ancestor from their family and how they came to the area they live in. Another pattern will be a blessing that is for the family and so on. Once the entire carving is finished, it is presented to the family and is considered a sacred gift that can never leave the family, something to be handed down from generation to generation. The owners will ensure at all costs that this artifact stays in their family. And so this is the practice of idolatry. Not because it is prayed to, but because it is worshipped in pride, adoration and ritualism. They take each meaning that is carved into it and hold on to it.

My grandfather, the chief, had 13 children, 10 women, 3 men. Right now 2 of them claim to be saved. One of my aunts believed so much in the spiritualism the culture holds that when you walked into her home, you could literally feel the fear that had engulfed the house. Her son was said to have gone suddenly insane. He would sit outside of his younger sisters' room and lock her in there while he sat out there with a gun, ready to fight anyone or anything that came near him. My parents, in all stupidity, allowed this young man to come and live with us for a while. He brought that fear into our home right along with himself. He was always talking to himself, having fights with unknown and unseen opponents, and slept with butcher knives under his pillow. Before all of this happened, he was a perfectly normal person. Happy and healthy, there was nothing that scared him. What is it that you think could possibly have caused him to fly over the edge? If fear is not of God, it is of the devil. And if fear comes from the devil, what could it have been that made one so afraid that they did things that outrageous? Something demonic. Do you see how this works? Why did it happen? 1. The mother had so many artifacts of this culture in her home, and believed wholeheartedly in so many of the spiritual rituals that she allowed the demons free access to her home and her children. 2. Because the son was raised in this atmosphere from birth, he too, believed it, and though not old enough to fully involve himself in it, he was open to it too.

Every single one of my aunts and uncles, even my biological parents, have been alcoholics at some point in their lives. Right now, even though some have given up drinking, a few months down the track they will find themselves drunk again. They love to party and dance. Some do drugs, others have one night stands with a cousin's friend, others getting so drunk they forget to care that they are trying to seduce a cousin's girlfriend. The girls are so led by their sexual desires that they will dress solely for the purpose of being noticed for their sexuality. This is why so many of them have been abused in the first place. They don't care that they are trying to get the attention of their cousin, another's boyfriend or even another woman. So here we have alcoholism, swept in to grab at the children too. Yes, a 6 year old in the family is familiar with the taste of beer and cigarettes. Some smoke already and have been for some time, others got their first taste of beer when they were 5 and have been sneaking it and getting drunk every chance they get. The children are very smart in the ways of deceiving the adults. They know how to get alcohol, cigarettes and money from the adults. They knew it at the age of 3. By the time they are 5, some are already addicted smokers and alcoholics. They even know more about intercourse than an average 13 year old would. Why? Because the parents give in so much to their desire to get drunk, that they forget the children, they don't even know where their children are most of the night. The younger teenage girls are responsible for looking after the young children for the entire night while the parents are drinking. But the girls are drinking and smoking too, so what happens is that the children are left to their own devices. Every single time, less than ten of the children were sober and drug free in the morning.

Along with the alcoholism comes lesbianism. Every single one of my aunts, and my mother has had a lesbian experience. Though married, a handful of them still desire the woman's body and think of intercourse with a woman more often than with their husband. These women will often have thoughts of leaving their husbands to be with another woman that has shown interest in them. Most of them ARE lesbians. Some are bi-sexual. I have never known a time in my life where there was no lesbianism in this family. It seems to be attached permanently to overcome the women and their children and their children's children. Forever, until the Lord comes, that family name will be known by its homosexuality, alcoholism and sexual immorality. This lesbianism has been passed on from generation to generation. It comes with the family and unless you are a very strong willed person, or saved, there is no hope for you, you will, at some point in your life, have to make the decision to be or not to be a lesbian.

Along with this culture is the same belief that everything stays in the family. Each tribe has elders, each family has elders. If something happens, it goes to the elders and is decided what is done by the elders. I am not talking about your average drunk getting caught in the drivers seat. I am talking about pedophilia and rape between someone and a child in the family who has gone to someone else in the family for help. It is normally decided that the attacker is demoted from position in the family, expelled from their position or disowned by the family. Never reported to the police, and never talked about. It is such things as this that are never truly dealt with which remain and even grow worse still. The only difference now is that the attacker has to be more careful about being caught. In each group of young teenage girls at family meetings, you hear stories of which uncle did this to them, or in most cases, which brother, father and uncle did this to them. There is much hatred in the children of these tribes, directed to the adults who were supposed to be their guardians, but instead did no justice and kept allowing their tormentors into their homes. It is such crimes as this that are hidden from the law, because of the belief that everything must stay in the family. Few are ever saved truly, and so are never delivered from the spirits of sexual immorality, which allow their victims to rape and torment the children of the family. In my entire family of over 100 children, mostly girls, you will find less than 10 girls who have never been sexually abused by someone else in the family. What is worse is that even brothers and cousins under 17 are raping them and abusing them. The parents choose not to believe them, or not to deal with it, because either the mother has been abused by the same people, the father has been abusing children too, or they are afraid to cause an uproar in the family. If it is not dealt with properly, you see, the children will see that the adults got away with it, and so they can too. A child will follow by example, and what kind of an example is being set for them? The entire family is engulfed in sexual immorality and rape, and sexual abuse is no mystery to them, nor is incest. Neither is physical abuse a mystery. It is never talked about among a crowd. But the children, every single one, will either see, or fall victim to beatings from either a parent or someone else in the family. The children themselves grow up to be 'macho', tough. They know how to fight and by the time they are teens, the boys are drug-induced thugs, the girls are tough, drug-induced seductresses. Most of the boys grew up being beaten by parents, uncles and aunts, and are now beating their children, nephews and nieces. They know crime and they fight for what they want, and they fight to defend their family. Most are familiar with jail and gangs. The girls grew up being beaten and sexually abused and are now covering up for someone else in the family who is abusing children. Few are married, most have children already, and so begins the cycle again. There is no hope for 'life,' only the way of the family. The family is overtaken by demonic power because they choose to be and they choose not to be free of it. Why? Because it is the way of their culture, it is tradition, it is the way it has always been and it's all they know.

When you hold on to the spiritual beliefs that come from culture, and the rituals, the gods of earth, sun, moon and sea, you are opening yourself up to worship of idols and all other areas of sin you would not even be aware of. Being brought up in this type of life is even worse, because it's all you know, nothing else makes sense until it's too late. There are the religious groups who tell you nothing more than that it's wrong. There are other religious groups who try to help you out of it, but they don't have the answers to make it clear enough to see why you NEED to get out of it. Even worse is that nobody can tell you HOW to get out of it. So you never do get out of it, and nothing seems to work when you try to.

1 Timothy 1:4. This is why people find it so hard to get out of this. They are letting go of only some of the culture, they are letting go of the parts that scare them, or are boring, but the parts they enjoy, they hold on to them and the rituals and the beliefs. The culture respects their genealogy, they are proud to say who they have descended from, because their ancestors did something that freed their people to do something they otherwise would not be able to do today. People will not forget the stories, they do not live for the here and now, they live from the past, taking pride in the part their great grandfather had to play in their liberation from slavery and from those who treated them as uncivilized.

If you will watch the women perform the cultural dance, they are beautiful, graceful and their voices so well blended it causes people to cry. Then, while you are mesmerized by the beauty of their performance, you focus on the faces and you see them make these hideous faces with their eyes open as wide as possible and their tongues sticking out as far as possible and you are left amazed at how much it threw you off. The men, however, perform their dances so well that those who are not familiar with it are somewhat taken aback by the ferocity and aggressive nature of it. The men come out shouting and chanting, stomping their feet in unison on the ground. Their faces twisted with an angry look, their hands slapping their thighs. Throughout the dance you will see them reaching their hands to their chests and striking their nails across their skin. If they bleed, it does not matter, it is even better. Their dance was traditionally purposed to strike fear into the heart of their enemies. It is a traditional war chant that they perform. They scratch themselves to show no fear of pain. Some leave the dance with scratches so deep that they are left with scars. Is this of God? No. But why?? Leviticus 19:28.

It is evident that these types of cultures have some rituals and traditions that matter to them. They are a proud people who will not back down for anyone or anything. If you are a family member who tries to back away and separate yourself from this culture, there is a person who matters to you that you don't want to separate yourself from. They try to draw you back in. Someone dies and you want to pay your last respects, so you are drawn back in because you have to go to the funeral. Your favorite place is where the meeting house is built, you keep going to that place. You cannot separate yourself from the culture because there is, always, someone or something that keeps drawing you back in. So many people have tried to get away from it and yet just about all of them have kept coming back to it, opening themselves up to the spirits which have so violently attached themselves to the people of this culture. The lesbianism, alcoholism, drug abuse, rape and pedophilia are all generational sins. They occur from generation to generation, they are things that are found common as each generation reaches its prime. It is sexual immorality, that is a generational spirit. The parents are not truly saved, so they do not break the power of that spirit over their lives, and so when their children are born, they have it too, and will grow up to go through the same things their parents do. Very few will make it through life without knowing rape or pedophilia by either being the attacker or the victim. Very few will make it through life without ever knowing alcoholism and drugs. There is no commitment to purity in the children's childhood, they have no hope of knowing what it is like to grow up as a happy child. They have no idea of what a normal life is. Whatever happened to a child being able to take their time with growing up? It is not present in this culture, there is no time for it. Due to the parents lack of nurturing their children, it is the children who nurture each other, big sisters at the age of 10 at home looking after their younger siblings while the parents are doing drugs and drinking. Big brother at the age of 10 using their fists to correct someone who has wronged a sibling or a cousin. And where are the parents? Drinking and doing drugs with each other, engaging in sexual misconduct together.

This is tribalism. Where culture is more important than humane principle and morality. Their morals go against the morals of law, of public conduct and their beliefs rule out real acknowledgment of the one true God. There are gods of earth, sun, moon, sea. And spirits which can either curse or bless. These things are sacred to them. They are what they hold on to, what they believe in. It is witchcraft that they meddle in. Where people will talk to pictures of dead ancestors, asking for permission to bury their dead in another place. Where they argue with spirits over where a body will be buried. The elders will act as mediums and pass on the wishes of the ancestors to the families. And where is God, the true, LIVING, God? They believe He is there also, they believe he agrees with their tradition and rituals. They believe it is His will that they do things in this way. But what 'does' the Lord say of this?

Exodus 20:3-5. No other gods. So if they believe in the gods of earth, sun, moon and sea, and they believe in God Himself, and they believe in Mary, does God answer their prayers? No. In fact God will pass damnation on them as He will ANYONE who will pray and believe anyone or anything other than Him. For He is God ALONE. What they practice is idolatry and witchcraft. Do not deceive yourself, witchcraft can be found in every aspect of life. Most people think it involves using a ouija board and doing sťances. But witchcraft is anything spiritual which does not involve the work of the Holy Spirit. It is believing in astrology, reading palms, zodiacs, omen and signs. It is believing that the dead can still hear you when they are not buried and believing that ancestors can speak to you through the elders of your tribe. Witchcraft is taking the beliefs and rituals of your culture and believing in them and acting on them.

Is there a way out? My brothers and sisters, there is always a way out. You see, sin, even sin that has overtaken you can be broken. The way out is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You must break the chains of cultural belief. And even if they are powerful, there is nothing more powerful than our Lord. To each and every one of us, the Lord set a man in headship over us. There are some who will seek to draw you back in to the culture you came from. But if you pray, and diligently seek the Lord on who your headship is, that person has the authority in the Lord to pray for you that you may be delivered. The Lord will deliver you from this bondage over you, and He will break it, only if you are truly willing to be fully delivered from it. If you are unsure of people you know who may be trying to lead you into tribalism, realize that tribalism is not of God, and if that person is trying to get you into it, he cannot be doing the work of the Lord. The Lord will only draw you to what is right and He will draw you in such a way that there is no doubt you are doing His will. Stand up, walk straight in the ways of the Lord, and you will see, there is no other spiritual life to live, except that which is in the Lord and led by the Holy Spirit.

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" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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