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There are many friends and people that we praise God for. Words can not even begin to express the appreciation that you have been over the years. There seems to be a never ending list of people to thank. However if we were to personally thank each person, we would be here for years. God knows and we know what you have done to help mould us into the people we are today in Christ. So thank you to all who have supported, prayed and directed us in our walks with the Lord. Thank you for all the support, correction and prayer that you have given us over the years. But most of all, thank you for allowing the love of Jesus to flow through you to us. It is what has kept us on the path of Salvation.

Ron and Kathy Bernier
Thank you for not only being loving and supportive parents, but for teaching us how to love. Without it we would never know the love and severity of the Lord. You have always been faithful in directing us to the Lord when at times we just wanted to run or hide. You have always encouraged us to do what the Lord wants us to do whether man agreed or not. You have shown your love through teaching, helping, correcting and encouraging us. Thank you for the long sleepless days and nights of ministry that you have given us. Thank your for praying for us even when were are doing something stupid and absurd. Thank you for allowing us to make mistakes that we may learn and grow from it. Thank you for teaching us how to trust in the Lord and lean on Him in all situations and circumstances.

John Matheson
Thank you for all the help you personally gave us while we were in Australia. Your ministry to us has made such a big impact on our walks with the Lord today. As a true man of God, you opened your home up to the youth and anyone who needed help and guidance. Your hospitality and the way that you treated us showed the love that Christ had for us. The word of the Lord says that as we do unto the least of these, we do unto Christ. From what we experienced while in Australia, you accepted each individual into your home without judgment, self-righteousness and accusation. You always had much encouragement, love, guidance and wisdom to give. You did not push Jesus on people, but you lived a life treating others the way Christ would treat them. You were not afraid to express love and sincerity to someone. You also confirmed that love in giving the rebuke and correction in Christ when it was needed. Not only do have the heart of a servant, but you were also a true friend.

Vince Gannucci
You are dedicated and reliable not only in preaching and teaching the gospel but also in taking on the heart of a servant. Because of your devotion to doing the work of the Lord, we are able to minister and go out into the world and share Christ. Thank you for supporting the work of the Lord through intercessory prayer, finances, teaching and serving. We have seen you put aside your wants, dreams, and aspirations to do the will of the Lord. Thank you for showing us how to be faithful and perseverant in all things. You have been a true example of denying self to see Christ glorified.

Ian Hanna
Our brother, you have come a long way and you have shown yourself to be an example to many of how it is to be genuine in the sight of God. You have a zeal for the things of the Lord and you're willing to go through sleepless nights and work long days to see the work of the Lord done. You don't try to be someone that your not. We have seen that you do not contradict the word of God but live it to the best of your ability. The Lord has truly given you a gift of joy that is contagious. It is uncontainable and God has always used you to bring joy in times of sorrow, stress and pain. You are undeniably genuine in deed and speech and a faithful friend.

Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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