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Pimples On The Body Of Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many of you may have noticed that we have deleted our phone number from the entire website and if you've tried to call you would have discovered we have a new, private, non-published number. For the hundreds of you who have called over the years with prayer requests, counseling needs, and scriptural questions allow me to convey my deepest regrets.

We were forced to do this by what I classify as 'the pimples' on the body of Christ. Allow me to explain. What is a pimple? It is a swelled up ball of pus, useless to anyone, totally disfiguring the body and leaving a scar wherever one has been. Unfortunately, when you have a website you attract all types of pimples. Because they are not really part of the body, rather a useless bag of pus, they are not really good for anything anymore but to try and cause problems in the body of Christ. In short - they are an infection. Because they do not function as members of the new creation, they are not in unity with the rest of the body and, therefore, they know not the true meaning of Christ. They know only a dysfunctional and alien aspect. They are constantly causing irritation, constantly causing pain.

How do you recognize a pimple? Let me give you an example. Last year one of the "Big Pimples" called my home with what he said was an absolute word from God. (Note: They always claim they have a word from God.) According to this man the word from God was that God hated me and was going to kill me in a few weeks at the most. We were going to be destroyed financially, physically, and in every way things were going to go downhill. Let me point out I had previously told this pimple that he was an adulterer, living with a woman who he claimed to be his wife and in fact, they were just shacking up. He was filled with hate, pride, gluttony, and illegal and immoral deeds of all kinds.

Shortly thereafter, the Lord opened the door for us to have the greatest financial blessing we have ever had. We have enjoyed the greatest time of ministry and fellowship world-wide since he gave me this 'word.' So, obviously, this pimple did not know God's Word and could not speak a true word from God.

Now, the Word of God says if you're on your way to worship the Lord and your brother is angry, you must stop, make it right with your brother and then go on to offer your gift unto the Lord. If this man had gotten it right, I would be the first to know for he would have had to repent to me first, but of course, being a pimple he does not know the Word, nor does he know the Father.

Last week, this same 'pimple' called the house again several times. He has another "absolute Word from God." This word is that the ministry will not go any further and we will be destroyed by God unless we preach only love. Due to his lack of understanding and training in the Word, he knows not that we are to preach both the goodness and the severity of God or that we are to put the trouble makers out of the church. But thank God for this 'pimple's' words, for immediately after he spoke them, we received word that the ministry doors had swung wide open for us to go overseas again to bring the gospel and the finances to support the trip began pouring in.

This man told us about all of the miracles that he was doing - (not God) -and the many people who are being blessed by the ministry of him and his wife. This is what scares me, and this is why I am writing this article - to warn people how to spot these 'pimples.' The word of God warns us over and over of this time in these last days when there would be doctrines of demons (false doctrine), false teachers (wolves in sheep's clothing), who sneak in amongst the people unawares. It warns people to seek God, to be aware of the schemes of the enemy, and to discern the holy from the profane. Remember, signs and wonders are not necessarily of God, for the devil will perform many false miracles so that even the elect might be deceived - if that were possible.

Here is a condensed checklist which will allow you to spot these people anywhere:

1. God is a God of order and has established order in His own local church. Ask him or her who their pastor or elders are or which church they belong to. Their answers will be evasive and you will find they have jumped from church to church, avoiding anything to do with headship. In all cases you will find they have no one to speak correction or rebuke to them, or to teach and train them in the right way from the Word of God.

2. Ask them about their marriages and/or employment. You will discover they do not hold any steady job and their families are always dysfunctional. In fact, their employment records are all the same. They've worked in a multitude of places until they became self-employed in some type of business in which they can scam people. (The man I have been speaking of has been married many times and I never knew him to do any kind of steady work.) Use discernment! If, in fact, there is any power, that power is soulish, not of the Spirit.

3. Ask them for their pastor's name and that of their elders or headship. You will find there is none. They will always tell you God has called them to their own ministry with no headship and no checks and balances. The last thing they can afford is headship to expose them. You will find no one will agree to ordain this person just on their say so and they cannot afford to have anyone look too deeply into their credentials.

4. Ask them how long have they really been saved, walking with Jesus in faith and humility of the spirit. Can they clearly define the direction of their church - physically and spiritually - and which way is it headed? Can they explain with clarity what their vision and mission in Christ is? In just about all cases, the mouth speaks the overflow of the heart so you can recognize them by their constant boastings about what they have seen in the Spirit and done for the Lord.

5. Look not to what they say, rather to what the Spirit of the person says. Inevitably you find a loveless attitude, prolonged criticism and intolerance of all others. Most of all, an unredeemed heart. Remember, 'pimples' always appear as an angel of light.

6. In essence, 'pimples' are all spiritually disturbed, unhappy people whose desire for control, power and perfection is not only a profound handicap but a dead giveaway.

One extraordinary aspect of 'pimples' is they have an inbound radar system which leads them to others who are less than happy with the way things are going in the church. 'Pimples' are sent by the devil to destabilize, discourage, divide and split the body with innuendos, rumors, accusations, and out and out lies. It is difficult, but not impossible, to discern the difference between a pimple and someone who just does not know Christ fully.

Last, but not least, ask - no, demand references from them from pastors and elders who have discerned the spirit of the true and living God in them. You won't get them. Instead, they'll give you names of individuals they have prayed for or delivered a sack of potatoes to, etc. If they are truly of God and sent to minister to you, it will not be a burden but a pleasure for them to verify all questions you ask. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. See if they have a proven, long-running ministry with absolute fruit they can verify. By the way, it will never hurt to call the local sheriff or police to see what they have been involved in.

Some believe they are one of the two witnesses, some believe they are both!, Some think they are one of the 24 elders, some even believe they are Elijah returned. God will use the authority He has established in your own church to protect you.

At any rate, it is for this reason I have withdrawn our phone number from the website as I do not want my family to be harassed anymore by the 1,000 or so 'pimples' that are out there!

In conclusion: Please be careful what and who you listen to. Be not afraid to check them out. For there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. In my own case, although we do have an independent ministry, we still belong to and submit to a local pastor and elders worldwide who use the Word of God as the standard we are measured by. We do nothing on our own but rather God has established an order and it is by this order that we go forth as a body to preach and proclaim the glorious gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ - both the goodness and severity -

In His service and for His glory.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this article.

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" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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