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Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

I would like to share something that happened recently at our church during a deliverance. Although it was primarily directed at this one certain lady, I know it will be a benefit to all. As we were doing the deliverance, my wife laid her hands on this lady, I laid my hands on my wife and the other men that were there laid hands on me, (since it was a woman we were praying for and I do not believe in men laying hands on a woman who is not their wife). Suddenly the Lord began to speak. He said, "My daughter, hearken unto My voice." Then there was a pause of a few moments. I can only assume this lady was not listening carefully enough to the voice of the Spirit of God, for again His voice came forth, this time with great authority, and the Lord said, "LISTEN to Me and do that which I will speak unto thee. For I am going to call thee forth from the darkness." At that moment I was given a vision and I beheld the Lord standing outside of a very dark cave, which I believed to be Lazarus' tomb. The Lord then spoke again through prophecy, and said unto all who were there, "My children, hearken unto My voice. Do that which I shall speak unto thee. Thou shalt know the presence of thy God now and forever more."

Now at this time the Holy Spirit was moving upon this lady and the demons (which were very powerful) were being cast out one right after another. This was very evident from the manner in which this lady was expelling these demons. As I was watching the Lord in my vision I heard Him say, "My people, come forth from the darkness and separate yourselves unto Me," and I beheld this lady and everyone who was involved in the deliverance, as well as many others come forth from this dark cave. The Lord said, "Look unto Me. Look into My eyes. Hear only My words." Again He repeated, 'Look into My eyes. Look unto Me." Speaking for myself; having been called into heaven 30 some years ago for some two hours, I stared into the face of Jesus, which had been manifested to me at that time. I refused to let my mind or my eyes drift. The rest of the people later told me that some had beheld a great light and some stared into the eyes of Jesus as represented by the painting everyone has which is supposed to be Him (but in fact looks nothing like Him.)

It was only later we learned that time had flown by very quickly. Some hour and a half had elapsed in what seemed like three to five minutes. During that time Jesus said, "Receive ye the peace that surpasses all understanding." That peace of God fell so heavily on each one assembled there that it very nearly took each one of us out. Truly it was a peace, a knowledge and a wisdom I personally have never experienced in 30 plus years of ministry. I knew and understood for the first time how Peter felt as he stepped out of that boat and walked on that storm-tossed sea. I also knew what it must have been like as he momentarily took his eyes from Jesus' eyes and immediately began to sink. Next to my salvation and subsequent trip to heaven it was the most spectacular experience I have ever had with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have used this method of prayer more times than I can count since that day.

Irregardless of the need, problem or emergency, God has never failed me, for I have truly learned the simple truth; that as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus there can be no problems of any kind. I don't care what kind of wisdom you need, if you will but call upon His name and look into His eyes, the answer and the peace that surpasses all understanding will be given. I would strongly urge each and every brother and sister in Christ to follow the scriptural method for prayer:

  1. The Bible says we must "enter His gates with thanksgiving..." Make sure your heart is filled with thanksgiving. Rather than looking at the one or two things that are wrong, look at the thousands that are right. Look at the abundant blessings Jesus has poured forth upon you and all that He has given you.

  2. Call upon the name of the Lord.

  3. Look into the eyes of Jesus in whatever form He takes in your meditations. Discipline your mind. Do not let it drift. Look upon Jesus and Him only. Think on Jesus and on Him only.

You will know beyond any doubt that you have come into the throne room for it will be the greatest experience you have ever had, and the presence of the Lord will be as a flood over you.

Then, at that time, ask what you will, accept it by faith, praise Him and thank Him by faith, still looking into His eyes, and because God is no respecter of persons, you too shall also be filled with that peace which surpasses all understanding (found in Philippians 4:7) and all of the wisdom that is needed for that which you have asked the Lord for shall be there. Remember God is always faithful for He is not as a man that He should lie. The only things that will stop you from receiving from the Lord are pride or unbelief, for regardless of how many years you have already been in the Lord, there is always something new that God is willing to teach you if you will but humble yourself and accept it.

It is my deepest prayer that you experience the Lord Jesus Christ in the fullness of His presence as I did and have ever since that day. If I can be of any further help please e-mail us. We are always blessed to be able to pray for the brothers and sisters, believing and knowing that God will answer for the miracle we are seeking from Him.

If I may, I would like to give you a brief update of what has been happening in the ministry. As many of you know, we have been extremely busy with crusades both here in this country and internationally. We have been invited by a group of churches to go into South Africa, which we will do just as soon as the Lord brings in the finances for the trip. We earnestly covet your prayers for this as you can well imagine it takes a great deal of money for five people to go to South Africa. We have long ago lost count of all the miracles, healings and deliverances God has done and all of the answered prayer. I wish we had the time to thank and praise Him individually for each and every one.

If I may, allow me to share just a few of the many awesome moves of God. A man came to our church in excruciating pain. He was dressed in shorts and both of his legs were swelled to the point where they could not have swelled any further, They felt like ice and were bluish in color. We laid hands on him and began to cry out to God. The Lord revealed a particular sin, and as I shared it with this brother, and as he confessed and repented of it, the swelling in his legs went down until they were back to normal size. The proper color and temperature returned to them and he was free of the terrible pain for the first time in many years. To God be the glory.

Also, there was a family that was about to get a divorce (there were three children involved). The husband had admitted he had become involved in adultery but had talked his wife into coming to see us and having us pray before making her final decision. As we were in prayer the Lord revealed that she, too had been involved in adultery. Thus, uncovered by the Holy Spirit of God, she admitted the sin and repented both to her husband and to the Lord. The Lord touched them both at the same time, giving them a renewed commitment, respect and love for one another. Even the children had a new respect for their parents. That marriage was made whole and became stronger than it was in the beginning. To God be the glory.

One last one before I close: A man, finding out that his wife had been involved in adultery with more than one man, did not believe he could ever get over the pain and hurt, even though he still loved her. But through prayer and a touch of the Holy Spirit, the pain and hurt were taken. Both of them were given even a greater love for each other than they had known before and I am blessed to report they are both walking closer than ever to the Lord and they are more and more in love with each other every day. To God be the glory.

Forgive me, but the Lord has just brought to mind a story I must include. A young man born both male and female (within and without), and never really knowing which sex he was came to us for prayer and counsel. After much seeking of the Lord and counseling and deliverance, this young man had surgery to remove his breasts, making him completely male. He is now happily married and preaching the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Obviously this did not all happen over night. I have given you a condensed version in an effort to make it readable). To God be the glory.

Lastly, unto those whom God has spoken to financially support this ministry; we thank you and bless you in His wonderful name for without you we would not be able to carry out the work we do. Your obedience has been a blessing not only to us but to all of those who have been touched by the Word of the Lord through this ministry. Many of you have reported receiving blessings and answers to prayers, and we rejoice with you and praise the name of Jesus through whom all good things come.

We remain your brother and sister in Christ.


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