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We Care, We Care Not

How many indications of death and desperation have you encountered this day? How many people have you past by, who are on the edge of death physically or spiritually? What did you do? What did you say? How many times have you discerned that something was wrong and not done or said anything to help someone else while they were on their deathbed?

We have many people who are too busy in their own world trying to get everything done for themselves and the church and forgetting about the dying. When was the last time we even cared to tell an unsaved person who was physically dying, that 'Jesus Loves them' and if they are willing to give their hearts to him, they will spend an eternity with him. Away from pain and turmoil. Away from insecurity and tears. Their bodies will not deteriorate because they will be given new ones. They may not understand a word you say, but the words they will remember is, Jesus Loves You. Someone loves them. Someone cares.

There are many people on the verge of spiritual death and we the brothers and sisters are not doing anything to encourage these people. They are faithful to be at every service and music meeting. They have not missed one men or woman's meeting. But when you look at them, you cannot help but see the ugliness of self-pity over them. You cannot help but see the deformity of depression and oppression covering every bit of their very being.

What is really behind that smile and the cheerfulness that is seen on the outside? If there is so much joy, why can I literally feel the distress, the aguish, and the wounded hearts that are not seen by the human eye? So many people in our lives and around us can be in a room full of people and still feel alone. They can have a thousand friends and still feel alone. They can share their deepest fears, wants and desires and have them never met.

In the hurting hearts, there is genuine hopelessness and desolation. On the outside they have it all together and are in control of their lives and their futures are even planned out before them, but they are not satisfied and are incomplete. They have all their friends around them, but they cannot be satisfied. We see people searching and never finding. It is as if they are blind and can only feel their way through life.

And we, the ones who call ourselves Christian are not reaching out with God's love because we are too busy with ourselves.

When was the last time we genuinely asked how someone was and when did you genuinely even care to know the persons answer. We need more ears, not mouths, but ears. People need someone who will to listen and be concerned for them. The key to being a good listener is by opening the ears and shutting the mouth. My brothers and sisters I ask you that if the Lord has convicted you also, please repent. Do not let pride get in your way, because it is not worth it.

With a willing heart, the Lord will give us the willingness to change. Through repentance, the Lord will give us the hearts that we need to care. Next time someone comes to you or you see that someone is hurting, do not reject the opportunity to bring him or her the love of the Lord. Care and let the Lord give you the words to speak and the actions to act upon. Do not let selfishness overrule you, but overrule it with love.

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Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

What will happen to you?
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