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Praise be to the Lord for He has, through Mercy and Grace, convicted me heavily through the voice of His servant of my rebellion in not harkening unto His voice. The Lord is not only dealing with me in this area, but to the body at large. Many brothers, sisters, and local gatherings around the world are being blessed because they are persevering in the work the Lord has given them. It is because they are letting God have his way and not striving to do their own thing. We need to willingly ask the Lord to bring us into repentance because the work he is calling many of us to do is not being done. We need to stop talking and start doing what the Lord Has commanded us to do.

As a body, we being many parts, must work together in order to accomplish the work the Lord has set before us. Not for our gain, but for the glory of God. The only gain we get out of serving the Lord is having a deeper and closer walk with him. When one part of the body is no longer functioning, the entire body is effected. We need to ask ourselves why the Lord is not blessing the work of our hands, why is He not answering our prayers. We need to ask ourselves if we are working or making an effort to fulfill the things the Lord has given us to do. The Lord has convicted me heavily in a job that he had me doing for the ministry. 3 years ago  myself and a couple of others were put in charge of replying to some of our guest book emails and ministry emails.

The Lord began to show me how I robbed the body and also Him, because I did not persevere. My family has suffered because of it. Not only my family, but also the local body of Christ and the body worldwide. There are pastors in India, Africa and the Philippines who have been waiting for 2 years for CD's, tracts, bibles and other needs. I called God a liar by telling people that the Lord would supply their needs, yet did not have the faith in the Lord to see it through. I did not have the faith to believe that the Lord would make the way where there was no way. Instead, I pulled people along by a string. I have robbed you all of the blessing of God. In my rebellion, I have caused the body to suffer. Thousands of saints have suffered and may have even walked away from the Lord because of my unfaithfulness.

Not only do I need to ask my brothers and sisters in this local body for their forgiveness for stealing the blessing, but I also ask for your forgiveness, the body at large. I cannot undo what I have done, but in the Lord, I can make it right with you and the Lord through repentance, forgiveness and a change in my attitude. I can pray that the Lord will restore what the locusts have eaten and rebuild the faith of those who have loss their faith in God. If my actions and sin has caused any of you to hold any bitterness or any sin, please forgive me.

The Lord has also shown me that because of my disobedience, the Lord has given these duties to someone else. I was unfaithful, so He gave the job to an evangelist who will get the job done and be blessed for it. He now has many bibles and materials ready to be sent. He still needs packaging for some. The only thing he is waiting for now is for the Lord to open the door for the finances to send these packages to the Pastors and individuals who have waited patiently.

I am praying that this week's encouragement has opened your eyes to the damage that disobedience and a lack of perseverance can do. Not only does it damage your walk with God, but it can damage the lives of others who are trying to get a hold of God. I ask you to stay in prayer with me, that we would all persevere and do the work He has called us to do, humble ourselves and yield to his will for the life He has given us. Yield with joy. We must submit our will to the Lord, leave it at the foot of the cross, and then take up the life He has for us. A life of obedience and trust - a life of Faith. No wall is too wide or high for the Lord to smash down. No water is too deep for us to swim. We are all facing trials and tests, but the real test is to see if we can hold on to the Lord and rely on the move of His Spirit to lead and direct us in our duties.

The Word of the Lord says that if we confess our sins one to another, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I praise God, because this is what He has done for a wretch person like me. In His mercy and grace there is forgiveness. He has been faithful. As a sister in the Lord, I urge you to please be encouraged and take the step of faith and walk in your duties and callings.

If you do not know what they are, ask the Lord. He may speak to you through another person, through His Word or even through revelation of His Spirit. If we seek Him with all our hearts, our minds, and strength, He can be found in us. Please dear brothers and sisters, don't be a fool and reject the work he has given you. Many of you know what you are suppose to be doing. Instead of the 9am-5pm job, 5 days a week, you are suppose to be in the mission field. Some have been called to support the missions, but because the are unwilling to do what the Lord wants them to do, they refuse and carry on doing what they want because it is comfortable to them. Meanwhile the body is suffering because people will not get up and support, pray or do what the Lord is calling them to do. Perseverance means to be persistent in anything we commit ourselves to.

Please dear brothers and sisters, listen and hearken unto the voice of the Lord. Don't wait until it's too late or like me, someone else will be wearing your crown. Persevere with me and be blessed.

Praise be to the Lord for all that he has done. Thank you Lord for your conviction and forgiveness.

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