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Lying Tongue

James 3v6 - "And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity; so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature, and it is set on fire of hell."

"The tongue is like a fire" The human tongue is like a lit match that many times is carelessly thrown into the wrong bushel or place. It is always leaving a devastating mess that brings destruction. The main mess it leaves behind is one that we are all familiar with and that is division.

"a world of iniquity" Greek word for iniquity – 'adika' meaning unjust, unrighteous and wrong.
The tongue, though so small, has vast possibilities of iniquity in it. It has the manner of gossip, and its evil speaking spreads so rapidly between 2 or more persons. The word 'world' here is used to express vastness. When you think of the world, you think of poverty, sin, hatred, abused, immorality, the occult. You think of everything on it, in it, around it and the mass of human beings with different attitudes, personalities that all live on it.

"So is the tongue among our members." Our tongues not only pollute a man or woman's personal life and walk with Christ, but it contaminates that person or people we are talking about.

"that it defileth the whole body" Greek word for defileth – 'spiloo' means to stain, defile, spot.
Our tongues can bring harm, danger; it scars and corrupts not just the person or people, but the entire body. The body is one. When one part of the body is not functioning, (in this case because of gossip and judgment) it affects the entire body. With our mouths we slander, lie, blaspheme and tear down and in the process we not only hurt those around us, but also ourselves.

"and setteth on fire the course of nature." Greek word for nature – 'genesis' meaning, age, generation, nation and time.
Another way of explaining it is, "the circle of life set in motion at birth." Our mouths affect the whole of the wickedness in the whole of man for the whole of life.

"and it is set on fire of hell." Greek word for hell – 'geenna' apart for this instance, it is used only by Jesus in the New Testament. It is used as a name for a place of everlasting punishment, hell. All evil speech has its course. It is hellish in its very character and it will only lead you where it came from. Hell.

Division, slander, lies and deceit are some of the enemy's finest tools he uses to break communication between marriages, families and loved ones. Many people have gone to their graves today with much hatred in their hearts because they never got rid of the lying tongue or the gossip that filled their ears and mouths with sweet honey. The honey was so sweet that they wanted to believe the lie. Too many brothers and sisters have been brutally distraught both physically and spiritually because of the whispering that has gone on behind closed doors.

Please read the lyrics of this song and listen to what the Lord is saying to you and I, that we may repent of our lying tongues and our carnal minds.


As the day goes by, I hear him
The enemy calls my name
Telling me I need to cause a problem
That through me, he could cause pain

And so inviting it is to cause such sin
So intensely, I hear his voice
Telling me to cause division in this body we call Christ

And so the thought came in too easily
To put my brother down
One whisper led to another
And I had my brother bound

I could see him struggle in his pain
So doubtful of Christ's love
That such a judgment points at him for something he didn't do

The entire body was against the man who was innocent
There were accusations coming here and there to each ear

I could see the devil in his plan
So evil and so proud
He was whispering in the ears of man
And they spoke my words out loud

The man accused just stood there standing
Fighting not he did
He put his trust in the Lord
Cause he knew that he was innocent

I could see the daggers in his back
So deeply into this flesh
And the scars I started made him stronger
Cause he knew who he was in Christ

The conviction of the Holy Spirit filled me up that I could not speak
I realized the damage I had done by listening to the enemy

Oh, Lord, Forgive me Father
Oh, Lord, Forgive me Father

I will go to my brother and ask him for his forgiveness
You can go to your brother and ask him for his forgiveness

Satan you and all your demons get thee behind me in Jesus Name
I will submit unto the Lord and Listen not to your lies
I will listen not to your lies.

How many of us right now have listened to the lies of the enemy? How many of us have believed the gossip that sounds too sweet to be true yet believed the accusations about the person anyway? Whom have we spoken against today? How many people have we put down because they have a closer walk with dad, mom, siblings, friends or even God? How much jealousy is in our hearts that we go out of our way to tear down a brother or sister in Christ? How much envy and hatred is in our hearts that we will do everything we can to manipulate others to believing that so and so is a thief, a liar, a scam artist. My dear brothers and sisters, if the conviction of the Holy Spirit has not hit you yet, pray. Pray without ceasing, that the Lord will bring conviction so heavy that it will humble you to repentance. If you know of someone that is passing on the accusations and lies, go to that person if you feel the Lord telling you to do so. Tell them the damage it does to others. Tell them that when they speak against a child of God, they speak against the Lord. We not only hurt the person, we hurt Christ.

I encourage you brothers and sisters to pray right now. Forget about what you have to do this very moment. Forget about the all the distractions that the enemy is trying to bring in your home or work place. Come before your Maker. Your Father and the Lord who knows all, sees all and especially hears all. If you have spoken against your brother or sister or falsely accused your brother or sister, now is the time to repent. If you have accepted the lies about someone else even though the lies are false, now is the time to repent. If you have entertained the lies and accusations by passing on the untruth, now is the time to repent.

Pastors and leaders I urge you to encourage your congregation and all those under your headship to stop the lies and deceit, for it will only bring division to the body the Lord has put you in charge over. You are responsible for every person the Lord has given you. If it is not dealt with, the Lord will hold you accountable.

Dear brothers and sisters, on behalf of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I beseech thee today. Go to your brother and ask for his forgiveness. Even if you have not seen the person in years, go to them. Call them over the phone. Too many people have broken hearts and shattered ministries because of lies and division. Too many people are on their deathbeds right now and are about to enter hell because of the bitterness of lies.

James 3v10 - "Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be."

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Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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