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Take Every Thought Captive To Christ

Romans 8:6 - For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

The most revolting part of the human body is, beyond a doubt, the mind. It is corrupt and perverse and is always warring against the spirit. The sinful mind of a man is like decay. It is like a poisonous cancer that contaminates the body. If not stopped in the early stages, cancer will spread like a wild fire and break the body down. Eventually the cancer will kill you.

With our minds, we create and destroy. Too many people find more entertainment feeding their minds with adultery, theft, sex, homosexuality, money and more. It is so sad that many are living every moment of their days by their emotions. All too often, we get lost in our own world of fantasies and dreams where they revolve around ourselves.

Human thought is warped by sin. Everything we do starts with a thought. Without the Spirit of God, we would never be able to grab onto the spiritual realities of the Word of God. Without the Spirit of God we could never be able to grab onto the Lord.

If our minds are meditating on things above, then the Spirit of God can control it. When our minds are set on the Spirit, they are set on life and peace, not hatred and greed. When our minds are meditating on the Lord, then we will not be lacking in wisdom, knowledge and discernment. To meditate is also to pray. Pray, seek the Lord. Study to show ourselves approved. This does not mean that we have to memorize the scriptures, but study them. To gain understanding and knowledge is a wellspring of life.

Meditate on the Lord, not on circumstances. Meditate through His word, not on the man standing behind the pulpit. The Lord commanded us to take every thought captive and BRING those thoughts into the obedience of the Word of God. Stop the thoughts in their tracks that do not come from the Lord, and pray.

If you are battling with your thought life and not succeeding with taking thoughts captive, I encourage you to submit to the Lord by humbling yourself, repent wholeheartedly, resist the enemy and then he will flee. Ask the Lord to give you the mind of Christ. Before you start arguing with someone in your mind, pray for that person. Before you start having fantasies in your mind, take a walk and pray. Read your Word and study it. The Lord is faithful and if you are truly willing, then He can and will change you.

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Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

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