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Hope: The Anchor of Our Soul
Jesus gives us hope during the difficult times of our lives.
Lift Your Eyes Unto the Lord
We are setting ourselves up for troubles and turmoil if we let the worries and concerns of every day life take our eyes off of the Lord and fixed them on ourselves.
Forgiveness and Repentance
How do you forget something that affected you so deeply with hurt that it would emotionally cripple you in certain areas of your life? How do you move on from a hurt that has been so deeply engrained in you for so long? What right do I have to hold something against someone if Christ already paid their price?
Just Another Day
You don't wake up knowing that today would be the day you die but with each of us that day of death must come. Today might not be just another day.
Love - Living for Others
Love is laying down your life for others with joy and serving one another as Christ commanded.

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Return to the Lord - The Cry of God's Heart
The cry of our hearts is to bring the Glory and healing power of God to those who are hurting so badly: those individuals who are suffering so badly, those who could not go to church, or worse yet, those the church refuses to help.
Too Many Judges and Not Enough Servants
Serve and be a servant to one another in love and in Christ!
You don't have to live in fear and hurt.
Miscarriage to Jesus
Even in the midst of a miscarriage Jesus comes as the Balm of Gilead to heal and restore marriages and lives.
For The Sake Of Christ
For Christ's sake, deny your self and lay down your life and follow after Him and His will alone.
Work Out Your Own Salvation
Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling before thinking about judging the lives of others.
Service to Others
Many people in the church today do not like to be called a servant because to them it represents lowliness and humility. Unfortunately serving is one of the many gifts missing in the body.
Alarm Call
Jesus is coming for a pure and spotless bride, yet to see the state of the church today is appalling. The Lord is sending out an alarm call to His true believers and followers.
Whether we like it or not, to be humble means, lowly, humility, lowliness of mind, the estimation or ourselves as insignificant, inasmuch as we are so the correct estimate of ourselves.
Modesty Lacking in the Body of Christ
How can we reconcile the world to God if we are too busy mixing the dress code of the world with the goodness and severity of the Lord?
Be Encouraged, Not Discouraged
Do not try to do anything in your own strength, because I can guarantee that you will break, but if you put your hope and trust in the Lord, He will give you His strength, which is joy to endure the hardships.
The Blessing of Peace
Did you know that in the midst of everything, the Lord could give you peace? The thousand thoughts going through your head will cease. You can be self-controlled and know what needs to be done first and what needs to be done last.
Take Every Thought Captive to Christ
With our minds, we create and destroy. Too many people find more entertainment feeding their minds with adultery, theft, sex, homosexuality, money and more.
We Care, We Care Not
When was the last time we genuinely asked how someone was and when did you genuinely even care to know the persons answer. We need more ears, not mouths, but ears.
Chastisement is an Indication of the Father's Love
Without discipline, no one will make it into the gates of heaven. It should be a blessing to know that our Father loves us so much that when we fall from His grace, He will bring the rebuke and chastisement.
Behind Closed Doors - Exposed!
When you look into the eyes of a child who has been physically and mentally abused there is nothing there except complete hurt and bitter blackness.
A Cry for Repentance
Be encouraged dear brothers and sisters and know that repentance is not a bad thing, but a great way of drawing near to our Father. It is laying down flesh and running from pride that Christ might rule in this life we live.
We are all facing trials and tests, but the real test is to see if we can hold on to the Lord and rely on the move of His Spirit to lead and direct us in our duties.
Excuses, Excuses
We have never-ending reasons why we cannot commit to our duties. Our excuses are going to or already have done a lot of damage in the body of believers.
Fear comes in many forms: sorrow, terror, dread, fright, panic, alarm, trepidation, anxiety, isolation, worry, nervousness, uneasiness, jumpiness, fretfulness, loneliness, seclusion, insecurity. The list goes on and on and on. Fear comes to destroy the work of the Lord in you and through you.
Are You Living a Lie Too?
There is much corruption in the church that is leading to destruction. The Lord does not say that people may turn their ears away, but that they will.
Lying Tongue
How many of us right now have listened to the lies of the enemy? How many of us have believed the gossip that sounds too sweet to be true yet believed the accusations about the person anyway? Whom have we spoken against today?
Now is the Time
How many of us, with our own ears, hear the Word of the Lord spoken and then let that Word go straight out the other ear? How many of us are all talk and no action?
Security in Christ Jesus
The enemy will always be at your doorstep. He is always trying to steal, kill and destroy the ministry that the Lord has called you to, but remember who you are in the Lord. You are a child of the living God. You are an heir with Christ.
Are You Serving God or Man?
What would be our reward for the works that we have done in the name of Jesus? What have we done to add to the kingdom of God? No matter what we do on this earth, we will be judged accordingly.
The Time is Short
Cry out to the Lord in bitter anguish for the sake of your salvation. Repent!! A remnant is less than 10%. Less than 10% of this world will join with Christ. We are now in the birth pains of the 7-year tribulation. Do not delay.
Do It Without Complaint
The Lord does not want to hear our excuses, but he does want to see our obedience without complaint. The Lord has called each of us to do a work, a duty as vessels for His kingdom.
Worry - Forbidden
The Lord tells us to come to Him as children. He wants us to know without a doubt in mind that He will provide all our needs and that He is in control of the way we live and breathe.
Thanksgiving - Give Thanks In All Things
You too can choose to be filled with faith and thankfulness because even though people will let you down and churches will let you down - Jesus will never let you down!

Everyone must die sometime.
" is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

What will happen to you?
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