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The Blessing Of Peace

Psalms 29:11 - The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.

Have you ever had a day where the world is twisting and turning? Your household is in ruins, the children are screaming for attention and you have no time to do anything. Your mind will be in complete turmoil because everything around you is falling apart or if it has not, it is about to.

Did you know that in the midst of everything, the Lord could give you peace? The thousand thoughts going through your head will cease. You can be self-controlled and know what needs to be done first and what needs to be done last. The Lord will strengthen you and bless you with a day of order and complete peace. This kind of peace is not silence and quietness. This kind of peace passes all understanding.

Our God is a God of order and He is the one who brings peace, order and harmony to the home. This does not mean that your house has to be spotlessly clean at all times to the point where you can see your own face on the varnished floors. This does not mean that the children are to stay silent every moment of the day.

Even though the world is full of chaos, as part of the body of Christ, when you can find peace in the midst of it, it means that the heart is beating with the desire to serve the Lord and the feet are continuously moving to speed the gospel to others. It means the ears are listening and the eyes are ever seeing with preparedness and have the ability to see the advances of the enemy. Living in a household with many people can sometimes become very hectic, but if everyone is doing their jobs correctly and joyfully, there is order. When this can be accomplished, there is pure peace.

The opposite of peace is chaos. We step on each others toes, we accuse and judge and tear down. This kind of behavior builds walls, which, as scripture says, leads to "A house divided" which will fall. Yet even in the midst of chaos, you should be able find joy and peace like a river. If you look at a river, it has torrents and waves, but it is forever flowing. Look at the rocks, the rapids and the damns as the enemy attempts to trip you up. The rapids smash up against rocks and banks, yet still, peace flows.

If your day has started out in chaos, finish it with joy and peace. It can change in a heartbeat. Stop, pray and enjoy your day.

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