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To our brothers and sisters in the Western World,

There is no doubt in our minds that a dark day is dawning around the globe. There is no doubt in our minds that from an individual, to church, to community, to national levels we are struggling. Many people are laid off. Many are dealing with work hours cut back. With an enemy that we can not see looming over us and an economic crisis hanging above our head things are uncertain for our future.

But our brothers and sisters. This we are certain of in this chaos. We are certain that our God and our maker loves us. We are certain that God will not forsake us and we are certain that God will work this international crisis for good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose. We believe for a brighter tomorrow. We believe for a brighter future and we believe that God will carry us through and make us stronger.

Even though things are uncertain. Things for our brothers and sister in the 3rd world are worse. Countless thousands of churches are struggling. Our faceless brothers and sisters that we never may know around the world are not working, they are running out of food during quarantine. They have no government bailouts. They have no hope outside of God Himself.

So to our family in the 1st world. God has given us an opportunity now to trust Him now more than we ever have before. Instead of shrinking from the fear and doubt of uncertain times. We our brothers and sisters can reach out our hands and hold our family who are struggling deeper than ourselves and to hold on to them as deeply and lovingly as we can. With the capacity we can. Through the uncertainty we can join hands as one international body and hold each other up and together as one body arm in arm we can stand against the doubts and the uncertainties and trust in the Lord our God to deliver us.

But in the west if we survive this crisis at the expense of our brothers and sisters, without helping in there and our greatest time of need. Can we tell our Lord that we have walked in Christian kindness? Not for us to coarse giving, but only to ask a genuine and sincere question.

So we will not ask for money to this account, but if God moves on your heart to help, we are aware of 1,000's if not 10,000's of brothers and sisters on an international level in dire straights. If God himself moves on your heart to give, then give. If God himself moves on your heart to not give then don't. We are all in dire straights so we will not ask.

But we do ask that you remember our family who is struggling and pray fervently. That our God will meet there needs whether through your hand, ours, or a divine miracle whichever is ordained by our Father in heaven.

But for us we are tapping our international contacts list to make a list. To assign greatest need to help the most we can in the way we can. As long as we can. To create an opportunity for us to offer up a chance to love from a far. To help from a far and to trust our God in one Spirit and one body as one family.

Our list is 100's of churches at the moment. 1,000's if a we tap the contacts of our contacts. At the moment we are giving priority to ministries and churches we have worked with that we can make an impact on the little. If it turns into the much we will make an impact on much, whatever capacity God gives us to give we will give.

Any money donated after the 2.7% PayPal processing fee deduction and the $5 - $10 USD Western Union international transfer fee will be given directly to international Pastors and Missionaries for emergency food relief.

In Nepal $18 dollars can get a 30kg bag of rice. In India $16 USD for 25 kg. Mexico $1 USD a kilogram. Philippians $50 USD for 50 kg. And the list goes on and on. Donations to this purpose can be shipped directly to struggling churches.

It's the difference between going to bed hungry and something in your belly.

If you're church leader who wants to partner with us to help international churches. We can pair you and your team direct with churches from the list who are struggling to avoid the 2.7% hit on church finances. Our team is available for training of church staff for different methods of international wire transfers.

*Please email for church partnerships (*

It is my hope in setting up this fund by many of us doing little we can do a lot on a global scale and so fulfill the bonds of Christian compassion and kindness in this dark time.

If you can not help and give, you can give with your life. Encouraging and exhorting each other in faith. If you're giving to church partners already let's give as long as we can and as generously as we can. Let us through our love and our peace in these dark times let the light of our Lord shine through as we remember our neighbors near and far in the bonds of Christian love as long as we can. Let us set an example of love in laying down our lives as much as we can in every form and fashion as we can. That we can stand boldly for our faith trusting in our God no matter what tomorrow brings and no matter what tomorrow holds let's trust in the power and sovereignty of our God.

Through our acts of love and generosity in these dark times, let us trust that our God will shine a light inside of us that will shine brighter and brighter like the dawn. Until the entire world sees the light of love shining through God's righteous body. United in faith. United in prayer. United in love and standing on the hope of a brighter day tomorrow.

Our beloved may God be with us all in our personal, local, community and national struggles.

In His service,
Into the Light CoronaVirus Response team,
Rev. Ian & Tina Hanna, Rev. John Whiting, Rev. Vince Gannucci, Rev. Andrew Sechrist, Byron and Amie McDaniel

P.S. If you are a supporter of one of our international partners on the list below and want the money straight to the ministry, write in the comments the name of the ministry and country in the comments as you donate.

Kenya/WOREM/Rev. Ombima Sebastian
Mexico/Templo Casa Rhafa/Pastor Ramon Quezada Cobos
Nepal/Cross Missionary school/Pastor Bil Tamang

Philippians/Hope House/David Wilkerson- please divert to
* * to this channel and give direct on Hope House's gofundme.

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