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My Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Approximately one and a half years ago a young lady was brought to the salvation knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon this ministry; much to our great joy and humility at once again being able to be used by God as vessels for His Glory.

A few days ago this young lady felt led of the Lord to put her testimony in writing in a letter to another young lady who was suffering from severe depression. As I read that letter, I felt it needed to be shared with those in the Body of Christ as well as those who might also be going through a tough time, and who do not yet know Him as their Lord and Savior. It truly is a testimony of encouragement and of the faithfulness, compassion and mercy of Jesus Christ. I have purposely not changed any of the wording, sentence structure or grammar, as I wanted you to be able to experience it as it truly is-directly and genuinely from her heart.

As you read, remember that God is not a respecter of persons; what He will do for one, He will do for all who will receive Him. May the Lord bless you and open your heart and mind as you read.

Precious Are The Promises Of God
A Personal Testimony: From a sister in Christ

Dearest "Sister",

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My pastors have asked me to write you a letter, so under the obedience of the Lord and my Headship I feel more than honored to share with you.

When I received your letter my heart was overwhelmed with grief for your niece. I went before the Lord in prayer and supplication asking Him, "What is it that I can share with you and your niece". Well the first thing the Lord said was," It won't be you sharing anything, but my spirit, you are my vessel whom I will use".

The Lord has an awesome and mighty plan for your niece. It's quite obvious because she is still alive and it is only through the miracle of God that she survived. The Lord is not going to give up on His children whom He has called and chosen, but He will also not strive with man forever.

For the first 17 years of my life I lived in New Zealand. I was brought up in a so-called Christian home who knew of God, but didn't know God. When I was a little girl I used to pray to ask the Lord to let me die first before anyone else in my family. I was child filled with so much fear of man and was uncertain whom my father was. So right there was a root of rejection that started in my mother's womb. Even though I had not been born yet, I knew my real father had abandoned me. My Father who brought me up physically and mentally abused me. He was a control freak and did not walk according to the Word of God. His mother and father sexually abused me in ways you could never imagine.

By the time I was 16 did a self-development and communication skills course. My teacher and our receptionist were heavily into witchcraft and taught me a lot in the area of the spiritual realm. When I was scared or afraid they would spiritually wrap me up in pink (like an aura). So right there was a spirit of witchcraft.  I moved out of my parents house and moved in with my uncle. I was heavily into dope and sitting in clubs looking for any one who would take me. I attempted suicide many times. I also suffered from depression and social phobia. The only safe and secure place where I felt comfortable was in my own home.

By the time I was 17, I was an alcoholic and sleeping with any one who would give me the attention I so desired. I always had bruises and scares on my hands from hurting myself. Sometimes I would sit on my bed and punch myself in the face or wherever or however I could hurt myself. My room was covered with pictures because behind each of those pictures was a big hole that I had punched into the wall. I was filled with so much hatred and bitterness and blamed myself for it. When I was under the influence of alcohol and drugs my friends used to lock me up in my bedroom because that's how crazy I would go. I had one standing at the front of my bedroom door and one standing outside at each of my windows.

After I had settled down and came back to my senses I would look at myself and I was covered in bruises. Sometimes I could see my own knuckles through the flesh of my hands.  It is quite clear that I was searching for fulfillment, satisfaction and love in all the wrong places. My drug and alcohol abuse was escapism. I had no self worth let alone self esteem. I was sick of my life because it was going no-where so I moved back in with my parents.

3 months later I was on a plane to Australia. When I was nineteen I started going to a church. A lot of the congregation lived in a bubble, like everything was okay and God will forgive you tomorrow - He knows your heart. I became a Youth leader, Sunday school teacher and also sang in the music ministry. I gave my life to the Lord completely; well that's what I thought.

A year later I decided to leave the church and find me a boyfriend and go back into the world where I felt I belonged. It was my comfort zone. My real reason for leaving the church was because it seemed like every one else could sin but me. I felt as though they had put me up on a pedestal that said that I was a saint. (which was an absolute lie from the devil himself)

So I wanted to prove them all wrong and go and do what I wanted to do again. So it was quite obvious that I was not saved in the first place to begin with. If I was truly saved I wouldn't have walked away from the Lord. God will never let go of our hand. We are the ones that let go of His.

I went back into a relationship with a young man who was brought up in a Jehovah's Witness Home. I went back into my old routine of drugs and alcohol but it wasn't as bad as before. Our relationship was based on sexual immorality. I lived with him in central Queensland. I had no friends for a year. It was just me and a bunch of animals. Every time one of my boy-friend's friends came over I was sitting at a table drinking a bottle of rum and a can of coke with a bag of weed sitting in front of me.

When I turned 21 I got sick of the life style I was living. There was no joy and my life was still going straight into the pits of hell so I went back to Brisbane. I started going back to church again. I thought that going to church made you a Christian.

Rev. Ron and Kathy came to our church. I fell in love with them straight away. I knew without a doubt that they were truly sent by God and that the Lord was going to set the captives free. Little did I know I was one of those captives.

In the church I was fellowshipping at was so much sexual immorality like you wouldn't believe. Lying, deception, a spirit of control and many other things. In my heart I was longing for love, fulfillment and satisfaction. I thought I had tried everything I could, but little did I know was that the Lord was always there. How He longed to have fellowship with me and set me free from the bondages that were chained around me.

I had ministry with Kathy (or should I say, my new mother) and found that the reason why I kept going back into my old ways was because I had not been set free from a root of bitterness, suicide, sexual immorality and many other things. I needed deliverance. But before I could even do that, I needed I surrender every thing unto the Lord. I had to want to be set free and this is what I asked, "Jesus take me as I am, for Lord I can come no other way. I have been bruised and stabbed and the blooding is still flowing. Only you, oh God, can stop the bleeding and heal these wounds. I have brought so much pain and hurt upon myself and kept myself in bondage and grieved your Holy Spirit. Lord I need you because I am nothing without you."

The Lord set me free and broke the chains that surrounded me. I asked for forgiveness and received it from my Lord and Jesus Christ. I am now a new creation in him. I am now 22 years old and my prayer now is that when I come before my Lord and Savior, it will be with crowns and jewels, not rags. It is only through the grace of God that I am who I am. He is reshaping me and molding me into the woman of God that he would have me be. Not the woman that the world would have me be and I give God all the Glory and Praise for the great and wonderful things he has done, is doing and is going to do.

I have now moved to USA with The Into the Light Ministries. I gave up my family and friends and left Australia behind and in return the Lord has blessed me immensely with a brand new family. A family that has a heart after God and has a genuine love for me. How I know is because the Word of God says that we will know them by their fruits. The family that the Lord has blessed me with speaks and lives according to obedience and Word of the Lord. They correct me when I am in sin. They do it because they love me.

I am very sorry but I would not have a clue on where your niece could have fellowship, but I would be more than happy to have fellowship with her, through e-mails and letters. There is no distance in God. Before I go I would like to share with you a poem that the Lord gave me when finally surrendered my life to Him.

As a woman in the world I felt incomplete and thought I was going insane.
Until You came along and took away my pain.
As a wondering soul I was asleep in my own spew.
Until I found a peace of mind and comfort in You.
There were chains and anchors around me that I thought would never come undone,
But then you set me free from those chains when I heard about your son.
How Great Your love is for me,
To let Your only Son die and rise again to set me free.
Free from sin and shame,
Free from lusts and hates
Jesus took the sins of man and took the key from Hells Gates
I used to feel so alone, like there was something missing in my life.
My spirit and soul were constantly in strife.
So insecure and caught up by Fear,
Fear of Man and like no one really cared.
And then Jesus said," I will never leave you, nor will I forsake you"
In my heart I believed in what Jesus said and it was true.
I realized that when I felt incomplete
It was my mind that over ruled me
But now as I walk with the Lord
He has opened my eyes where I was too blind to see
It was by faith I first believed that Jesus died for me
And it is by Faith I now believe that I am set free
In the world I am but a woman
But in God I am the child of the Most High
And I know that without Jesus in my life
 I could never get by
He hears me before I call
He catches the many tears I've cried
He turns my mourning into dancing
And I know he will never leave my side
This is what my Lord and Savior has done for me and can also do for you
But isn't it amazing what a little bit of Faith can do
It started off by hearing the Word
And then it turned into a seed
As I believed and read God's Word
My Soul was freed.

We serve a mighty God, "Sister", and nothing is impossible to God. In God Your niece is more than a conqueror because that is what the Word of God says. He said that he will be your refuge, strength and fortress because He is the horn of your salvation. Trust in the Lord. You and your niece are in our prayers and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this article.

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